False Claims Act Program

The False Claims Act, also known as the Lincoln Law, finds its origins in the American Civil War. As a result of contractors providing sub-par goods to the Union Army, the False Claims Act was created to prevent companies from delivering less than promised goods and services. Since 1863 the False Claims Act has seen numerous amendments; the most notable of which passed in 1986 and awarded whistleblowers who brought successful cases to the attention of the U.S. government a monetary whistleblower award for their efforts. Whistleblowers are now entitled to between 15% and 30% of the government’s recovery. Companies that are found guilty of defrauding the government can be subject to treble damages and severe penalties for their misconduct.

Recoveries in qui tam cases in FY 2013 totaled more than $2.9 billion with whistleblowers recovering $345 million in awards.

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