PBM & Pharmacy Fraud

Pharmacy and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) Fraud is a deceptive practice of promoting or suppressing the sale of competitive drugs.  In an enormous industry of pharmaceuticals and the providers of theses drugs, fraud and waste has become very pervasive.  This fraud is not only taking away resources and money for those patients in need but is affecting each of us who pay into government healthcare programs.  Many of these schemes can be difficult for the government to detect, which is why whistleblowers are in the unique position to help combat DME fraud.

Pharmacy and PBM Fraud Examples

  • Switching patients to a more expensive drug for profit
  • Billing for medication that was not ordered
  • Soliciting or taking kickbacks from pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Increasing the cost of generic medication


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What is a Whistleblower
What is Fraud

 Our case analysts help whistleblowers fully understand, organize and refine the information that they have in their possession. Complemented by our understanding of a wide array of financial fraud, Whistleblower Justice Network will help you make your best case, determine the most appropriate law firm to handle your case, and ensure that your case receives the attention it deserves every step of the way.

Contact us today and let us explain how we work with whistleblowers in pursuit of justice against those who defraud the U.S. government, and each of us as its citizens. Working with whistleblowers, and filing whistleblower actions is all we do as a company. We are whistleblowers ourselves, and we love what we do.  Our clients and Whistleblower Justice Network, together we make a difference.