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Nurses Against Hospice Fraud

It’s no question that healthcare fraud is a serious issue in the United States: it costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year, and is fueled by the prioritization of wealth over patient well-being. The importance of combatting fraud becomes even more obvious when it turns into matters of life and

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What Is A Trust?

In discussing offshore tax havens, a term that frequently arises is trust.  In a legal context, a trust is a relationship where one party holds another party’s property.  The settlor turns over control of assets to a trustee, the individual(s) in charge of holding the assets.  The trustee is in

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What Is A Tax Haven?

This fundamental question is difficult to answer succinctly because there is no legal definition nor a universally agreed-upon definition.  The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an international organization created to promote trade and economic progress between democratic governments, has identified several key features which make a country a

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The FCPA & Facilitating Payments

In a number of our articles on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), we have touched on several exemptions and “affirmative defenses” in the law. (An affirmative defense is a defense where the defendant proves a set facts that mitigate or excuse otherwise unlawful behavior.) The two affirmative defenses permitted by the

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Tax Fraud: Let Us Count (Some Of) The Ways…

The primary challenge posed by tax havens is the secrecy that obscures money once it has gone offshore. Most tax havens have strict secrecy laws that prohibit the disclosure of financial information to foreign parties. For example, if the IRS suspects you have undisclosed assets in a US account, they

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Satisfied Client Stories

Whistleblower’s do the right thing. They bring forward information that others choose to ignore, and they do it in a wide array of industries, covering a large number of fraudulent schemes. Fraud impacts us all, and whistleblowers make a difference by courageously acting while others ignore the same circumstances.

Whistleblowing is a fundamental part of who we are as country, dating back to President Lincoln, and the ways that whistleblowers can make a positive impact continues to grow. The IRS Whistleblower Statute, SEC Whistleblower Program and CFTC Whistleblower Program are all examples of whistleblowing being expanded over the past 2 decades. While the False Claims Act created the role of whistleblowing in our society, and dates back more than 150 years, these newer programs are having enormous impacts in their own right, as the expansion of ways for whistleblowers to make a difference tackles new areas where fraud is both substantial and rampant.

Choosing to become a whistleblower is a serious endeavor, and no one starts out seeking to do so. Whistleblowing is a major factor for good, as it is a way to counter corporate greed, malfeasance in our healthcare system and multitude other inequities. Whistleblower Justice Networks partners with our clients to ensure their whistleblowing journey is a successful one. Relentless, thorough and informed, we work tirelessly for the benefit of the whistleblowers we admire in their missions to address the fraud they’ve encountered.