Oil & Gas Fraud

Oil & Gas companies hold some of the largest profits of any companies on earth. With access to precious and finite natural resources these companies are an integral part of sustaining our lifestyles. Oil and gas fraud has been committed since the industry itself began, but with the scale of the industry growing with the demand for energy increasing it is vitally important for individuals to come forward with information on potential violations. Each of these companies is required by law to pay the Federal government royalties based on the mineral they search for or extract from government owned lands or sea, however, these royalty payments are based on a number of measurement techniques, many companies have found ways to cheat these measurement techniques and thus are paying less than is owed to the U.S. government. With the increasing value of oil, gas, coal and natural gas, these violations in mineral measurement can add up to billions of dollars in lost revenue for the federal government. 

What is a Whistleblower
What is Fraud

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