Medical Device Fraud

Medical devices are critically important to those patients that are in need of them. These life saving devices can include pacemakers, defibrillators and surgical implants, all of which are specific in their use and essential to providing the best healthcare possible. With a growing healthcare system, the medical device market is $110 billion industry comprised of many smaller companies, more than 6,700 in the U.S. of which 80% have fewer than 50 employees. An industry fueled by technological advances, medical device companies will continue to expand with new understandings in science and technology.

Medical device fraud can take numerous forms but often begins with the manufacturer as off label marketing, using kick backs as incentive to sell the equipment or knowingly selling faulty products among others violations. Much of this fraud is difficult to detect if not for whistleblowers exposing these schemes. Numerous False Claims cases have been brought to settlement and companies have paid for their violations as a result of courageous whistleblowers who came forward with information on theses schemes. Whistleblower Justice Network understands the path of a whistleblower and has worked on many healthcare fraud cases successfully partnering with whistleblowers and the government to recoup lost money.

Medical Device fraud includes

  • Violations of Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Kickbacks to physicians or healthcare facilities
  • Off label marketing products for uses other than what it is approved for
  • Failure to report adverse events with a product
  • Marketing a product despite knowing it is defective
  • Billing the government a higher price than what is allowed by law 

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