Defense Contractor Fraud

Sending our brave young men and women to war, and then profiteering on their backs, or even worse, equipping them with sub-par equipment and support, is so offensive that every citizen can agree that such practices should be stopped. The False Claims Act’s first target was allowing whistleblowers to remedy such morally reprehensible behavior committed by defense contractors during the Civil War. 150+ years later, while the tools of war have changed, the need for whistleblowers to hold defense contractors responsible is still very much the same.

The government is the largest purchaser of good and services in the U.S., and defense spending accounts for approximately 20% of its annual spend, with the defense budget exceeding $600 billion annually in recent years. Purchasing for defense needs covers a wide variety of good and services, each with their own characteristics. Spending on complex weapons systems and information technology are significant parts of a sophisticated military budget. While at the same time, food, offices supplies and an enormous amount of diverse services, from the mundane to the incomprehensibly complex, are purchased as well.

Whistleblowers who help uncover defense contractor fraud serve the important purpose of keeping defense contractors honest, helping to ensure that our Armed Forces are provided with the equipment and services they so completely deserve.

Defense Contractor Fraud includes

  • Inappropriately billing under contract requirements, resulting in the government being over-billed;
  • Cross charging, whereby a defense contractor shifts costs inappropriately from one contract to another to increase profits;
  • Providing products or services that are sub-standard as compared to what was contemplated under the contract;
  • Failing to comply with contracts specifications such as required testing or product sourcing; and
  • Violations of the Truth in Negotiations Act.

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