Government Procurement Fraud

The United States government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in this country and has millions of employees that require supplies and expenses. From food for our troops to schools supplies the government has thousands of contracts with companies in every industry to acquire the supplies it needs. With billions of dollars being spent on supplies and services there is an enormous opportunity for fraud and wasteful spending. Government Procurement fraud is committed when some kind of scheme is implemented to manipulate the bidding and award system of contracts.

The False Claims Act can help whistleblowers with first hand information on government procurement fraud file a case to remedy the injustices committed. With the enormity of government contracts and transactions it is impossible for the government to root out all fraudulent transactions. Whistleblowers have been enormously effective in combating fraud, waste and abuse in this area.

Examples of Government Procurement Fraud:

  • Bid rigging between companies to acquire contracts or drive of the contract price
  • Kick backs to secure contracts
  • Over charging for good or services or not providing the government with the best price
  • Violating or not fulfilling a government contract


Small Business Status Fraud

For many small businesses competing with large companies makes it difficult to acquire government contracts. The government has thus created various statuses for business to classify themselves and number of designated contracts are set aside to be awarded to individual classifications. Due to the monetary size of theses contracts there are many who try and take advantage of this system by falsely acquiring small business certifications and acquiring contracts meant for others.


GSA Fraud

The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the federal government that helps manage the basic functions of federal agencies of the U.S. government. GSA supplies products and communications for federal government offices, provides transportation and creates policy on cost reduction, overseeing $66 billion in procurement annually.

Those who do business with the GSA are required by law to give the government the best price on a good or service as the government is required to be that vendors most favored customer. Many companies fail to do this and boost profits by over charging the government. Fraud committed against the GSA affects all U.S. taxpayers and wastes money that should be used for a more productive means. Whistleblowers with first hand information on GSA fraud have the ability to combat these violations and collect money on their unique information.

Examples of GSA Fraud:

  • Not giving the government the best price
  • Violations of the Federal Trade Agreements Act
  • Bid rigging or bidding collusion to drive up the price of a contact
  • Kickbacks to obtain contracts
  • Submitting false information to the government


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