How Do I Choose A Whistleblower Lawyer?

Once you’ve established that you have a whistleblower case, the next step is perhaps the most vital to ensuring it is brought to action: finding a knowledgeable whistleblower lawyer. This can be a formidable task, and not one to be taken lightly. A good whistleblower attorney for any qui tam suit must possess a certain amount of qualifications, as well as a kindhearted disposition to guide a relator throughout the nuanced process of bringing forward such delicate information.

As whistleblowers ourselves, we fully understand the importance of having high-quality legal counsel in your corner during this time. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to individually pairing our clients with the most qualified team of lawyers for their specific case.

Specialized in Qui Tam Cases

As is well known, there is an overabundance of attorneys willing to take on cases at any given moment. Most of them are specialized in one way or another, but finding one that is knowledgeable in whistleblower law can be especially tricky. The process of filing any qui tam suit is intricate and must be handled appropriately, so as not to jeopardize the case, or worse, threaten the anonymity of the relator. The False Claims Act has an extensive set of provisions that provide whistleblowers protection from retaliation, but it also contains various intricacies that require it to be navigated carefully to ensure these protections are in place. Taking a case to a vetted whistleblower lawyer can significantly lower the risk of a case being mishandled, and can greatly expedite the litigation process.

Consideration of Individual Needs

Blowing the whistle can be a frightening concept, and requires a very patient approach. A good relationship between client and counsel is immensely helpful when filing a case, and thus plays a part in the search for a suitable whistleblower attorney. Finding a representative who is genuine, understanding, and attentive to the specific needs of a client is absolutely essential to a case being brought forward effectively and appropriately. Each case is different, which is why we take a very individualized approach when pairing our clients to qui tam lawyers. We feel very strongly that the ability to provide emotional guidance throughout the process takes as much priority as their experience with whistleblower law.

Highly Reputable

Though specialization is important, we believe that a solid reputation is also of value when choosing a whistleblower law firm to partner with our clients. At Whistleblower Justice Network, we’ve vetted a copious amount of lawyers to ensure that our legal partners are not only knowledgeable, but have a viable track record for settled cases. The notion of blowing the whistle is a testament to moral integrity, so we take pride in offering counsel options that match our clients’ ethicality.

Whistleblower Justice Network Can Help You

Whistleblower Justice Network partners with whistleblowers worldwide to expose a variety of schemes against the federal government, including healthcare fraud, defense contractor fraud, FCPA fraud, or any qui tam violation. Through our partnerships with world-class legal firms, we take the guesswork out of finding the best whistleblower lawyer for your case and assure that you are in good hands every step of the way.

If you have meaningful information regarding any violation of the False Claims Act, Whistleblower Justice Network can help. Working alongside first-rate legal counsel, we will ensure you are protected to the fullest extent of the law and that you receive credit for the information you bring to the U.S. government. Partnering with whistleblowers is all we do. Visit us at, or call us at 844-WJN-4ALL, to learn if we can help you.