Who Qualifies as a Whistleblower for the SEC Whistleblower Program?

Any individual or group of individuals, from anywhere in the world, regardless of their country of citizenship, can report fraud under the SEC Whistleblower Program. SEC whistleblowers can report fraud that is derived from a wide array of sources, including information available in the public domain, under many circumstances. Ultimately, the value of a whistleblower’s submission to the SEC Whistleblower Program will be determined by the outcome of the SEC’s investigation, and the whistleblower’s relative contribution to it.

Similar to whistleblower cases brough under the False Claims Act, it would be reasonable to expect that large SEC whistleblower cases may have multiple whistleblowers, each of whom brought their information to the SEC independently. While they are subject to more rigorous qualifications, in-house legal counsel, accountants, directors, officers and corporate compliance and audit personnel are all eligible to be whistleblowers under the SEC Whistleblower Program. Whistleblower Justice Network works with our clients to ensure that they are fully informed of the varied issues related to becoming an SEC whistleblower. Our international team of whistleblower experts work alongside our clients to guide them through every aspect of how to report fraud to the SEC Whistleblower Program.

If you have significant information about fraud you believe may be covered under the SEC Whistleblower Program, Whistleblower Justice Network can help you become a successful whistleblower. Our clients benefit from our expertise, extensive relationships and 20+ years of combined experience as whistleblowers. Contact us today for your free, 100% confidential consultation.