Healthcare Fraud

One of the most active industries for whistleblower cases, healthcare fraud encompasses durable medical equipment fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, medical device fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, pharmacy fraud and PBM fraud. Violations in this industry range from kickbacks to physicians and lack of compliance with FDA regulations to off label marketing of drugs to children or the elderly. With national health care expenditures expected to cost more than $3 trillion in 2014, Healthcare Fraud is estimated to cost the U.S. tens of billions of dollars each year. As these scheme become more complex it is become more essential for whistleblowers to expose these violations.

Healthcare Fraud includes:
• Up-coding Services
• Kickbacks
• Inflating reported costs
• Medicare Part-D fraud
• Bundling and Unbundling medical procedures
• Billing for services that were never rendered
• Double billing
• Excessive medical services or procedures

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