Which Industries Are Subject to the FCPA?

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act provides the Department of Justice and the SEC broad discretion to pursue international bribery. Prosecutions of companies and individuals for FCPA violations have occured in many industries, including but not limited to: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, Energy, Construction, Telecommunication, Chemicals, Fashion, Retail and many others.

Prosecutions and investigations for violations of the FCPA are a very active area for the DOJ and the SEC, even prior to the SEC Whistleblower Program allowing for whistleblowers to bring FCPA violations to the government’s attention. As the world economy continues to be highly interrelated, prosecution of the FCPA is likely to touch on many more industries over time. While every industy is clearly subject to the FCPA, the dynamics of government ownership in a given country will impact which industries are the most likely violators.

The FCPA is a complex law with wide-ranging implications for many different companies, significant whistleblower protection considerations and evolving case law. Whistleblower Justice Network has an international team of FCPA experts that work alongside our clients to guide them through every aspect of how to report FCPA violations to the SEC Whistleblower Program.

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