Are Oil & Gas Fraud Whistleblowers Protected Against Retaliation?

As a matter of public policy, whistleblowers are protected against retaliation related to reporting the wrongdoing that they uncover. Unfortunately, in many instances whistleblowers who try to remedy the situation they’ve encountered are retaliated against, whether through attempts to bully them into silence, employment reviews and warnings or outright termination. In such instances, whistleblower actions may include separate measures seeking to compensate for this egregious corporate behavior, in addition to those related to the broader allegations of fraud.

Whistleblower protection laws are constantly evolving, and are provided for under numerous branches of the federal government, by various federal laws and by state statutes as well. Employment claims are often part of the evaluation that Whistleblower Justice Network conducts with its clients, and when appropriate WJN engages experienced legal counsel with special expertise in employment law on behalf of its clients. In other instances, the whistleblower protection statutes are part of the whistleblower action itself, and will be fully pursued in combination with any such action.

Whistleblower Justice Network partners with clients on a worldwide basis, fully assessing the rights and needs of each client’s circumstances. Retaliation for having the tenacity and integrity to become a whistleblower is amongst the worst corporate behavior, which we encounter far too often. Partnering with our clients, and pursuing their allegations and any related claims, is all we do as a company, and we do so with the most complete commitment possible.

If you have significant information about oil & gas fraud, Whistleblower Justice Network can help you become a successful whistleblower. Our clients benefit from our expertise, extensive relationships and 20+ years of combined experience as whistleblowers. Contact us today for your free, 100% confidential consultation.