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Whistleblowers are not only an integral part of our justice system, but are among the most courageous of all citizens. The cases brought forward by these individuals have resulted in the obstruction of fraud, the recovery of billions of taxpayer dollars, and the continual upholding of integrity in the workplace, the healthcare industry, and the government. In this understanding, various federal whistleblower programs have been conceived in efforts to advocate for those who prioritize morality above all else; these programs often include provisions which both protect and reward them for their assistance in impeding fraudulent activity.

The decision to blow the whistle is undeniably noble, but is not one that comes with ease; in fact, the prospect can be intimidating without knowing what lies ahead. Unanswered questions about anonymity, possible repercussions, and the validity of a potential case can be devastating hindrances to those who are considering becoming a whistleblower.

At Whistleblower Justice Network, we believe that providing a substantial knowledge base for potential whistleblowers is a vital first step in encouraging those who have information to come forward. We are whistleblowers ourselves, which lends to our unwavering dedication to informing, protecting, and working alongside others who are preparing to do the same.

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