Our clients have information about corporate behavior that doesn’t feel “right”.

They’ve often tried to get someone to listen to them – co-workers, superiors, government agencies – and gotten nowhere.

We work with our clients to determine if the information they have is actionable under any of the various Whistleblower Programs.


The process to becoming a whistleblower is unfamiliar, and can be frightening. We educate our clients on what they can expect, how best to develop their cases, and many other considerations.

Information is power, and our clients make fully informed decisions when they decide to become a whistleblower.


Whistleblower actions rarely take simple, predictable paths to resolution. WJN supports our clients every step of the way, believing that the journey truly is the reward.

Having filed cases covering tax, pharmaceutical, healthcare, FCPA, medical device and other types of fraud, we know how to attack each kind of case most effectively.

Our partnership with our clients is our most cherished relationship. With perfectly aligned interests, Together We Make a Difference.

Make a Difference

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