Choosing the right whistleblower lawyer for your whistleblower case is one of the key determinations of success. Many cases require 2 or 3 different whistleblower law firms collaborating, as their respective skills and expertise naturally vary.

Whistleblower Justice Network has worked with dozens of whistleblower lawyers on false claims act cases, SEC whistleblower actions and IRS tax whistleblower filings. We understand their strengths, weaknesses and relevant experience, and we assist our clients in determining the best team of whistleblower lawyers for their specific case.

All “Whistleblower Lawyers” Are Not Created Equal

Searching the internet yields dozens, if not hundreds of potential choices for a whistleblower seeking a “whistleblower lawyer”. It’s important to understand that while plenty of law firms call themselves whistleblower lawyers, it is a widely varied bunch.

Many lawyers who solicit whistleblowers as clients only do so for a small part of their legal practice. Their representation of whistleblowers is not a meaningful part of their overall focus, making the law firm’s commitment to whistleblower cases suspect at best.

Many Cases Require Multiple Whistleblower Law Firms

In some instances a whistleblower’s information may be useful under more than one whistleblower program. Engaging multiple whistleblower lawyers in these situations allows WJN to focus each whistleblower lawyer on their area of highest expertise. As a whistleblower case evolves there can be a benefit to retaining additional whistleblower lawyers for a host of strategic reasons.

Whistleblower Justice Network – How We Can Help You

We have worked alongside many whistleblower lawyers, and we understand how to build the best team for your case. Our experience developed through our involvement in dozens of whistleblower cases affords us many unique perspectives. Fiercely independent, our sole goal is to maximize the value of your whistleblower case.

Whistleblower lawyers can develop conflicts, lack the requisite skills or expertise for dealing with a specific aspect of a case, or simply become distracted by their own personal or professional circumstances . WJN manages the legal relationships alongside our clients, ensuring that the right team of whistleblower lawyers are always working tirelessly towards a successful resolution.